6 reasons why you should apply for a position during summer

6 reasons why you should apply for a position during summer

During the summer season, some businesses such as those which include office activities are closed and many others report a slowdown in their activity; some people looking for a job may be dissuaded from doing so. Moreover, there are fewer job opportunities. Meanwhile, recruiters are also more available. Summer is also a suitable time for HR managers to prepare their recruiting campaign for September. According to a survey held in June 2018, 62% of job seekers have already taken advantage of the summertime to start job hunting or to apply.

The advantages to apply during the summer season

1. To get the attention of recruiters

  • They are more available
    Companies are taking advantage of summer period to anticipate the return to work and redefine their HR needs. Recruiters receive less CVs, but they get more time to evaluate them. Candidates get their appointment for pre-employment interview quicker.
  • You are showing motivation
    For recruiters, candidates who remain active in their job search during the holidays are highly motivated. Moreover, if you are not at home, a simple internet connection allows you to apply wherever you are and proves your interest in staying up to date with the job market under any circumstances.

2. Because there is less competition

41% of candidates who applied during the summertime believe that competition is restricted during this period for the following two reasons:

  • Competitors think it is pointless to apply during summer
    Too many job applicants (47%) still think that there is no point in applying during the summer period and avoid doing so. Your application will not be drowned out in the middle of the others, so take advantage of this opportunity to arouse the curiosity of an HR manager and trigger an interview.
  • Competitors enjoy thoroughly their holidays
    Furthermore, competitors may be on vacation in offline mode, and they do not want to worry about going back to work; this is yet another advantage you should take into consideration.

3. Time is your partner

  • Update your files, CV, network profiles
    This summer period leaves you in a more relaxed atmosphere, it is the ideal time to concentrate on your applications and stack the odds in your favor. Update your files, especially your CV, but also your profiles on the various social networks and on all the job search websites where you are registered.
  • Be active on your social network
    Mobilize your network and engage influencers in your field of activity.

4. Depending on your activity, summer can be the right time to apply

It is recognized that some business fields have unique recruitment cycles, such as the accounting field. Indeed, the fiscal year is a terribly busy time for accountants, tax professionals and CFOs. It begins in fall or in January and ends in May, once all tax returns have been sent in. Recruitment campaigns for these professions happen right after, so it makes sense to apply in July or August.

Get ready to start in September

1. Make sure you are reachable and available

Thanks to your smartphone and the 4G, you can stay online anywhere. Whether you are vacationing in the countryside or cruising in the Caribbean Sea, nothing prevents you from keeping a watchful eye on your emails and networks. Good surprises can be in store for you, and you may very well have to deal with recruiters. In case you are invited to an interview when you are not at home, you have the possibility to propose three options to your interviewer:

  • If you are lucky enough to be able to leave your holiday location easily for a few hours or even for a day or two, your motivation for the position you are applying for will no longer be in doubt and the recruiter will appreciate your approach.
  • If you are too far away, on a cruise or a long-distance hiking tour, you can explain your situation to the recruiter, and offer to make a first visual contact via Skype or WhatsApp when possible.

2. Be up and running in September

This summer break allows you to improve some of your skills or gain new ones. You can take the opportunity to obtain certifications, improve a foreign language, attend a creative workshop, or take classes to develop your public speaking skills.

There is no drawback in applying during summer

There is really no obstacle to apply for a job advertisement during the summer season, except for a few minor disadvantages, such as, for example:

  • The time you must spend on it even though you are on vacation
  • The fact that you always must stay connected
  • And that you must be reachable and available.

These disadvantages are minimal compared to the challenge of starting a new job in September.