Starting a new job

Starting a new job

What can be more stimulating than kicking off a new career? And yet everyone has good reason to feel a bit apprehensive!

1. Make the break

To start a new position in the best conditions, you must cut ties with your former employer. You may have some great memories, but you must concentrate on your new position without comparing it to what you experienced elsewhere.

2. Introduce yourself properly and stay open-minded

Take the initiative of getting together with your colleagues, say hello to the people that you meet incidentally. Start with the group of people with whom you are going to be working directly. In addition, to settle in better and have an overall vision of your new company, ask your colleagues about their roles and responsibilities in the firm.

3. Grab a drink with your new colleagues

As well as providing refreshments, these places will be a plentiful source of information on how the company works. Considered as places for sharing and exchange, they will help you get closer to your colleagues and build connections.

4. Find out what is expected of you

To begin with, use the first meeting with your line manager to define what they expect of you in the short, medium, and long terms. This will help you better position itself as an employee within your new organisation.

5. Show your expertise

Live up to the promises you made at interview and put your skills into use. Write a note listing your professional achievements. It may be useful at performance assessment type. Stay enthusiastic, energetic, and cheerful!

6. Get and stay organized

In the first few days, you will need to absorb a huge amount of information. You will have to show discipline and find methods of being organized to be efficient.