8 tips to fight the

8 tips to fight the "back-to-work" blues

There we are: holidays are over, and summer is slowly ending. It’s time to leave your sunglasses behind and get back to work. Keep in mind the fresh memories of warm sand and salt water on your skin, but don’t forget to dive back into your deserted files! To make this comeback smoother and stress-free, here are a few tips to implement right away. Because “subway, work, sleep” doesn’t necessarily have to mean blues, anxiety, and depression.

1. Adopt a dynamic daily routine

Finding the perfect balance between professional and social life is not always that easy… And adding sports into the loop may seem difficult. Yet, it is by moving more often that we gain energy and see life on the bright side. “A healthy mind in a healthy body” might be the secret of a daily routine that works, far from boredom. Indeed, physical activities make you produce endorphin and serotonin, the famous “happy hormones”. Those two help you fight stress, so keep motivated and MOVE!

2. Eat well and healthy

Food plays an essential role in your life, whether we’re talking about physical or mental health. That’s why it’s important to (re)start on the right foot and banish some eating habits. Eating healthy means giving your body the nutrients and energy it needs, but also feeding your brain and sending it the right messages (“I’m taking care of you, do it too”). To maintain a diet that’s good for you, keep refined sugars and bad fats away. In abundance, they affect your mood and emotions. That doesn’t mean you should deprive yourself of everything! Deprivation is never the answer, especially not in the long run. But don’t overindulge in the good stuff and choose a square of dark chocolate or a slice of homemade banana bread over a supermarket treat. Finally, don’t forget to drink enough water (a tip that many people don’t put into practice). If you keep yourself well hydrated, you’ll sleep better and have better skin.

3. Learn how to breathe

Anxiety can have an impact on breathing. Most people with anxiety suffer from hyperventilation, which means they feel like suffocating. The good news is that you can train your body to calm down and breathe slowlier and smoothier. Curious to try? Follow this guided meditation that should bring you into a peaceful state of mind, in just 10 minutes.

4. Stop overthinking

You really need to stop overthinking. Some people like to have some “me time” every week to think about the meaning of life, meditate, or project themselves… Some others are afraid of being alone because they start overthinking, get anxious and feel worse than before. If that’s your case, avoid moments where you’re alone with your thoughts. And instead of staying home all by yourself, go for a run or a swim, play some game, listen to music or watch a good movie. Do what you love but don’t think too much if that’s a source of anguish!

5. Go to bed earlier (every single day)

Sleep is the foundation of any good day. Adopting a nightly routine that suits you is therefore essential to feel energized throughout the week. Our advice? Go to bed earlier and enjoy some time just for yourself: read a book, watch an episode of your favorite show, and enjoy. This will help you relax before sleeping. The one thing to avoid: scrolling on your phone! Don’t lose time on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube or TikTok. Social networks are bad for your health and your sleep. So, try to disconnect!

6. Upgrade your environment

It can seem futile, but improving your environment, cleaning and tidying your interior, sorting through your stuff can make you feel so much better. That’s why you should make time – a whole weekend, for example – to focus on this. Then, each week, schedule an hour or two in your calendar to keep your space in order. The famous quote “a healthy spirit in a healthy body” also applies to your house: you feel better in a “healthy” home sweet home.

7. Try aromatherapy or naturopathy

Essential oils can help you feel relaxed and fight anxiety. If you are a novice, get help and make an appointment with a naturopath or an aromatherapist. He or she will advise you on the best cures for your needs. If you are already an expert, go and buy some chamomile, ylang-ylang, basilica, or lavender essential oils to help you relax.

8. Consider a career switch!

If you don’t feel fulfilled at work, if you’re bored or under too much pressure, if you go to the office with leaden feet every morning, then you should consider changing jobs. New challenges, new missions and new colleagues might be the answer to all your problems and the best way to fight the “back-to-work” blues. And if you wonder how to find your next job, feel free to contact us!