Quitting your job the right way

Quitting your job the right way

Do you get the impression that you’re going nowhere in your current career? Do you want to resign and take on new challenges? A word of warning: quitting your job should be done the right way. It needs to be carefully planned. Here’s how:

1. Protect your reputation by remaining professional up to the last day

You have decided to resign and set off towards new professional horizons. You should be aware that the way you leave the company is just as important as when you take up a position in a new company. You should keep an enthusiastic and professional attitude and fulfil your mission to the end. Furthermore, we recommend that you stay on good terms with your colleagues, as it is highly possible that you may cross their paths again one day.

2. Conform to your company’s departure process

Never tell your colleagues that you’re leaving before you tell your line manager!

To leave your job in a respectful and professional manner, you should choose the best time to organise a physical meeting with your manager. And so that your manager can take the necessary measures with respect to your departure, you should tell them as soon as your mind is made up.

3. Leave your company in the right conditions

Stay concentrated and committed until your departure. You could even help to train your replacement, but do not postpone your starting date in your future company to avoid causing them any problems.

4. Resign but reinforce your network

Resigning the right way means an opportunity to sustainably build your network:

  • Tell your colleagues that you are leaving (after your manager) but do not criticise your current company
  • Let your colleagues know that you enjoyed working with them
  • Stay in touch: past professional relationships can be a source of good opportunities for your future career.