In need of getaway ideas for the weekend near Luxembourg? Here's our TOP 10!

In need of getaway ideas for the weekend near Luxembourg? Here's our TOP 10!

What activities and destinations are the closest to Luxembourg for spending your weekend? Close to many popular cities acclaimed by tourists, Luxembourg is the ideal starting place for those wishing to spend experimental and quality holidays near their residence and workplace, that you may so desperately need to go back to in a matter of hours… By yourself, with your family or among friends, here is a list of the 10 best destinations for your weekends, only a few hours away from the Grand Duchy.

Erézée’s Bubble

Ever heard of Glamping? The meeting between camping and glamour, glamping allows you to rest in a transparent bubble in a singular and unusual space. The interest is, of course, to be able to fall asleep under the stars with nothing between you and them. Such activity is available in Erezée (Belgium) only an hour drive away from Luxembourg.

Maasmechelen’s Mill

Approximately two hours from Luxembourg and located in the eponymous Belgian city, Maasmechelen’s Mill promises an exceptional weekend within a really singular setting. Indeed, it offers the possibility to rent a room in the middle of the mill, fitted for the occasion with luxurious materials in an elegant yet sober style. You will be able to finally tell your friends and family that you have slept inside a mill!

The Sainte-Croix animal park

Less than two hours from Luxembourg in Rhodos, Lorraine, the Sainte-Croix animal park is the ideal place to spend the weekend if you are a truly passionate of nature. Granting you the possibility to rent tree perched hurts or Mongolian yurts, the park is characterized by the presence of packs of wolves that live permanently only a few meters from where you will reside. From your room, you will be able to admire each movement of the pack and enjoy their night howls before going to sleep. Truly the experience of a lifetime that you won’t be able to forget anytime soon!

The Gnomes’Ballade of Durbuy

Perfect for family trips, the Ballade of the Gnomes of Durbuy gives you the opportunity to rest in theme-based rooms inspired by the movie “Narnia”. Theme based rooms inspired by The Legend of the Trolls, Middle-Earth or on a Quarter of the Moon, the choice is yours! Want to have some quiet time alone with your significant one? Several children activities are available permanently on site. Only an hour away from Luxembourg.

The barges of Metz

Cross the French border and take a break in Metz and one of its many barges for the weekend, approximately an hour from Luxembourg. Near the downtown area and the famous Centre Pompidou (15 minutes away by feet), it is the perfect stop for a visit of this festive city and its important cultural background.


Sensenruth, located near Stock (Belgium), and only an hour away from Luxembourg, offers you to rent a room of a particular kind by giving you the possibility of remaining in a horse-drawn caravan. Combining all the modern comfort like a fitted kitchen, television, and shower, the place promises a refreshing experience that you will not also be able to forget anytime soon.

The Church of Maline

A perfect destination for the weekend, especially for couples, and less than a two hours drive from Luxembourg, the Church of Maline welcomes you. Entirely renovated only a few years ago while taking care of preserving the original architectural design of the place, The Church of Maline will entertain your week-end with a king-size bed and even a spa, at your disposal, perfect to show your love to your partner!

Uncle Henri’s Cabin (La Case de l’Oncle Henri)

The unique opportunity to make your children’s dream come true perhaps lies in Chimay-Momignies, at the edge of the Ardennes, two hours away from Luxembourg by car. A modern place but close to nature, Uncle Henri’s Cabin offers you to spend the night in a hut oak perched 6 meters high in an oak on the banks of the river Wartoise.

Bruges’ boat

This boat, which used to sail the Bruges’ channel, will offer you all the charms of the sea… in an urban environment, in Bruges, Belgium nonetheless! You will be able to spend the night there, quietly moored to quay, while enjoying the charms of the Venice of North. A great compromise for those who are prone to seasickness! A little more than two hours from the Grand Duchy by car.

The Indian Village of Fossieux

Located in Fossieux, Moselle, a little more than an hour drive from Luxembourg-City, the Indian Village of Fossieux invites you to spend the weekend under a real tepee. Equestrian activities are also part of the program for an undoubtedly unusual stay.