Our women got talent !

Our women got talent !

Women’s week is not over yet, and so is the occasion to celebrate the boss women of Kingsley & Partners. Let’s have a little throwback at Marie-Charlotte’s career path within the company and her biggest accomplishments.

Hi Charlotte, could you explain to us who you are and what is your role at Kingsley & Partners?

” I am the manager of our Legal Division at Kingsley & Partners. My role is to make my talents and clients happy but also to help my team to improve their skills and achieve personal development goals. On top of that, I am as well a big fan of sports and a mum. “

When did you join the company and what were your goals at the time? Did the company help you reach them?

” I joined the company in September 2016. I did not have any career plan at the time. I wasn’t realizing what I could achieve. Kingsley & Partners gave me the opportunity to develop my skills and learn several sales tactics. My two managers always allowed me to express myself and followed me in order to become a better recruiter and a better version of myself. “

What happened during all those years and where are you now?

” While I was working here, I bought a house and became the mum of a wonderful little boy. I also went from Senior Recruiter to Principal of my team.Meanwhile, I had a 3 months maternity leave and started working part time. Nevertheless, my managers kept in mind all my efforts and my hard work. They helped me to launch a new business unit when I came back. After a few months, they offered me the possibility to become the Head of the complete Legal Division. I received the same opportunity than my colleague Faissal. “

Is gender equality important to you and how do you think it is managed at Kingsley & Partners?

” Without gender equality, I would never be in the position I am today, so it is really important for me but also really well organized at Kingsley & Partners. Gender doesn’t matter, we just need to keep on working hard and developing ourselves. “

What are the values of the company that are the most important to you and your daily life?

” The friendship and empathy I had the chance to bond with my colleagues. Here we have the chance to share about our work but also about our private life. “

What are your plans for the future?

” I would like to build new specialties in the Legal Division, as well as the team and their skills. Furthermore, I am going to work on the development of charity projects, like helping people in need to write their CVs and cover letters. “