December, a good time for recruitment

December, a good time for recruitment

December is often synonymous with family reunions, festive feasts and pretty gifts under the Christmas tree… At first glance, it’s not the ideal month to focus on your career. And yet, the job market is proving to be particularly favorable, both for recruiters and candidates. The encouraging outlook of companies announcing an increase in recruitment volume for the end of the year is proof of this. With production curves dropping and moods improving, could December finally be the month for new professional collaborations?

Time for big decisions

The New Year is a pivotal time for evaluations and resolutions. In the professional field, December is a period usually dedicated to analyzing the company’s needs and making projections. The past year brings its share of observations and conclusions, while the coming year gives rise to strategic reflections and calls for major decisions. It’s also a time when recruitment projects take shape. Applying in December means taking advantage of a decisive context to highlight your application.

The perfect timing

In terms of agenda, the end of the year is a real opportunity for candidates. In the companies, the major orientations have been ratified or almost so, but they have not yet been implemented. Applying at this precise moment, even before vacancies are published, gives you a substantial advantage over January applicants. On the recruiters’ side, hiring in December allows you to identify available talents before anyone else. You will then be ready to start the new year with a successful and talented team!

A lull in activity

December sees the activities of many professional sectors decrease considerably. Production is down, staff is on vacation, the pace slows down… Recruiters have more time to work in depth. The recruitment and onboarding processes carried out during this period will be more qualitative and more efficient. The advantage for the job seeker is that your application will receive more attention and will be processed more quickly.

New beginnings

The New Year traditionally symbolizes the time of great resolutions. At a professional level, it is also a time of major changes. Many workers leave their jobs during this period to take on new challenges. These vacancies are a boon to job seekers who see their opportunities maximized.

Reduced competition

Did you have a preconceived notion about the relevance of a job search at the end of the year? You’re not alone. Most candidates prefer January, which gives you another reason to focus on December to apply. In addition, the vacations and celebrations distract many potential talents. You will then have much less competition on the job market. Take this opportunity to defend your position, to stand out and to promote your profile.

Optimized annual budget

The last month of the year is decisive for last minute expenses. If the annual budget has not been fully allocated, it runs the risk of not being renewed in its entirety. The remaining amount may well be spent on a hiring project. Don’t hesitate to put this idea in the minds of recruiters with a spontaneous application, sent at the right time.

Holiday Magic

The end-of-year holidays are a (very) particular time for everyone. The frenzy of daily work slows down. Few employees are present in offices and firms. The general atmosphere is one of generosity and sharing. Everyone is less stressed, more open, and more ready for innovative ideas and change. December is therefore a very favorable time to organize a recruitment process. As a result, interviews are guided by conviviality, in a relaxed and magical atmosphere.

Networking season

In the run-up to Christmas, many companies organize internal and external events: afterworks and end-of-year cocktails are great opportunities to meet people. Through these “informal” contacts, recruiters and candidates create new possibilities for future collaborations. It’s also the right time to send greetings to your clients, partners, and former employers. By exchanging news, you position yourself as a potential candidate for future employment openings.

Contrary to popular belief, December is a promising period for your recruitment or job search plans. Make the most of the holidays to give yourself the gift of a fruitful working relationship under the Christmas tree!