The 10 best sights in Luxembourg

The 10 best sights in Luxembourg

For a small place, Luxembourg offers a grand choice of attractions for your international visitors to see.


The most famous place in Luxembourg and the unavoidable one when you are planning a full tour. The palace was entirely destroyed in 1554 by the explosion of its gunpowder warehouse. Fortunately, it was rebuilt in Renaissance style.
Since 1890, it remains the residence of the sovereigns of the Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg. Nowadays, they more use it as a place of work. The palace was so well and deeply restored at the end of the 20th century that he can recover its former luster.

  • It is usually visited from July 15th to August 31st.
  • Address: 17 Rue du Marché-aux-Herbes, L-1728 Luxembourg
  • Cost:12€ (adults); 6€ (children 4-12 years)


At the end of the 16th century, the Jesuits opened a college in Luxembourg in order to satisfy the will of the notables of the city. The church richly decorated in the gallery became the Cathedral. Towers and a secondary school were added after to upgrade the place. Then the State Archives, the crypt collections, the graves of the Dukes and Grand Dukes of Luxembourg complete this tremendous Cathedral. Let us discover a genuine part of the history of Luxembourg.

  • Address: 30 rue du Cure, 1368 Luxembourg. Free entrance


Very close from the Place d’Armes, the nerve center of the city of Luxembourg, the Cercle Cité offers a great cultural choice. On the ground floor of this ultra-modern building, a nice library very well stocked. A large auditorium upstairs allows you to follow interesting conferences on relevant topics. After attending a conference, you can have a walk in the Cité. You will enjoy gorgeous monuments and sculptures.

  • Address: Place d’Armes, 2 rue Genistre, Luxembourg


If you enjoy walking along the river, this site is done for you. Beautifully nested between the two rocks of Luxembourg, this place was formerly a district of industry of gloves. The access can be done on foot or by the two lifts of Luxembourg. The water lock system is really clever and built into the defenses of the fortress. You can reach to Circle Münster and Pub at the Water’s edge.


This American military cemetery, where General Patton was himself buried, is the largest in Luxembourg with 5 000 soldiers buried there. This cemetery officially belongs to the United States and an American concierge-governor ensures the place to be taken in solemnity and respect. The graves in white marble all the same and simple remind us our duty of memory. An ideal place to take a step back and think about our present with children.

  • Address: 50, val du Scheid, Luxembourg 2517


This Benedictine abbey of the Grund was richly endowed by all the surrounding countries. It was transformed into a jail and beautifully restored. Going through this location, you can admire rooms with frame-hulls of wonderful boats. Famous expositions are taking place in this quiet and lovely place. Nice brewery and concerts at the Bord de l’eau.

  • Address: 28 rue Munster, Luxembourg 2160


This huge bridge was built in order to cross the valley. With such a building, the fortress was impregnable. You can cross the bridge to reach the new district and the station to the fortress city via the prestigious Avenue of liberty. Its name comes from Grand Duke Adolphe of Nassau-Weillburg. It has been recently restored.


From the top of the Holy Spirit, you benefit of a gorgeous viewpoint on the Grund. Access to the lower town by a lift. It is a very nice walk to do for those who like to combine history with Vauban’s buildings and a nice sight above the city.

  • Address : Plateau du Saint Esprit, Luxembourg
  • Cost : 6 Euros for 20 minutes


Really nice Museum for children and adults, it is vast, bright and quiet. The animals you discover are numerous, especially the fawns. Pleasant cafeteria inside to eat and have a rest.

  • Address : 25 rue Munster, Luxembourg 2160


Those who are really fond of nature will get a deep breath of fresh air. In that woody Green Park in the lower town, you can enjoy peace and quietness. The view on the fortifications is wonderful. You can reach it on foot or by the lift from the town. Do not forget to wear good shoes !

As a matter of fact, Luxembourg is one of the best place in Europe to spend a great time. ENJOY IT!